Beautiful, beastly or both?

Beauty may be described as a combination of qualities that causes pleasure to the one who beholds. While beast may be described simply, as the undesirables. In reflection, would you consider yourself beautiful or beastly? Before you respond, take a moment and think… What is it that drives you? What is it that causes youContinue reading “Beautiful, beastly or both?”

Room for you!

Have you ever felt like each time you try something, it just fails? It can become quite overwhelming… because it seems all opportunities are drying up… but take heart my friend, God has made room for you! Don’t give up! Keep going…  Remember, that the end of a season is also the beginning of another.Continue reading “Room for you!”

Fresh Start Mondays – The Mind

Welcome to another fresh start Monday, where we change the narrative… Today we’ll talk a little about the mind. As we all know, the mind is one of the most powerful tool, that we have in our arsenal. It houses the beginning of most things… as our actions usually are manifestations of our thoughts. ItContinue reading “Fresh Start Mondays – The Mind”

The overlooked Training Ground

Training is an important part of every person’s life. Parents consider training their children according to their value system quite important. The training ground can be seen as the place where this training takes place. Life has several ways to train us, one of which is through opposition. Opposition happens when we encounter resistance, andContinue reading “The overlooked Training Ground”

Promise Issues

Have you ever been promised something? How did you feel when you received that promise? Did the person make good on the promise at the time of giving the promise? Often times, we receive promises with joyful hearts… but sometimes the joy and excitement dwindle because there’s usually a waiting period. How will you wait?Continue reading “Promise Issues”

Fresh Start Mondays

Welcome to the first in the series, today we will be looking at the gift of time. Fresh start Mondays – The gift of time Welcome, welcome… welcome See Mondays have traditional been my least liked day of the week I look forward to Fridays, I’m excited by Wednesdays but Mondays…. have been a downerContinue reading “Fresh Start Mondays”

The Glory of Unfair Disadvantages

Everyone encounters advantages and disadvantages; some are fair and some are not. We’re all happy and over the moon when we experience advantages, whether reasonable or not. However, our hearts sink when we experience disadvantages, in particular, those that are unfair. The glory of a thing speaks to its magnificence or great beauty. So nowContinue reading “The Glory of Unfair Disadvantages”

The beauty of being in transit…

Life is such that we all have a mental picture of who we are or who we want to be, a picture of our strengths and weaknesses, a picture of our dreams and desires, a picture of a desired destination. And that, in and of itself is astounding, because we have ambitions that we wouldContinue reading “The beauty of being in transit…”