Fresh Start Mondays – You are the gift!

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Welcome to another Fresh Start Monday… where we change the narrative…

You are the gift the world needs. We all were created uniquely and special. No two (2) persons have the same fingerprints. Our design and built is so detailed yet unique that every person is different… even for identical twins.

As we are varied in the physical construction of who we are, so it is with our personalities and our talents. Have you ever paused and reflected on the fact that though there may be many bakers, each of them produces their own unique taste; there are many authors and each expression is different; there are many artists and each paints a different picture of what they see.

So, it is with you and I, our talents may seem similar but our expression of it will vary. And that varied expression makes a huge difference. We are all different, and different expressions will appeal to different audiences, thereby, gracing others with your talents blesses them.

Leonardo da Vinci painted the “Mona Lisa” all those years ago and to date it remains one of the most popular paintings. He must have thought of himself as being a gift to the world, because even when perfecting his craft was illegal, he pursued it anyway.

Florence Nightingale is considered to be the founder of modern nursing. Can you imagine if she didn’t see herself as the solution? Would she have organised care for wounded soldiers? Think for a moment what our world would look like, without her impact on nursing and by extension healthcare… especially in this pandemic.

We all have gifts and talents and what we do with them is what will make the difference. I could have the solution to your problems or you, the solution to mine. But we will not know until we use these gifts and talents.

You are the gift the world needs, start expressing those talents or be more diligent about it and change your narrative…

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