“Wise as a Serpent”

Welcome to another Fresh Start Monday, where we change the narrative… Today, we will be taking a closer look at wisdom. With our intent of living on purpose, in particular to understand the times we are in, wisdom becomes critical in our endeavours. The proper application of wisdom will enable us to make wise decisionsContinue reading ““Wise as a Serpent””


Ash Wednesday marks the first day of the Lenten period, this period is usually marked with fasting and repentance for many. It is a time when many seek to quiet their hearts to hear from the Creator. Yet, there are those who will disagree on different levels for different reasons and that is perfectly fine.Continue reading “Stillness”

Dear Postponement

Welcome to another Fresh Start Mondays, where we change the narrative. Many of us experience delays for varied reasons and we have trouble with the disconnect between our desire and intent to live on purpose with the realities we face. To postpone involves causing something to take place at a later time. Truth is, lifeContinue reading “Dear Postponement”

Increase your altitude!

Welcome to another Fresh Start Mondays, where we change the narrative. As we continue on our purpose journey, I take this opportunity to remind us all to stay focused. With all that is screaming for our attention and energy, it is my hope that we are able to withstand the distractions and the unnecessary battles,Continue reading “Increase your altitude!”

Seed… Time… and Harvest

Seed, time and harvest is a universal principle that we many times overlook. When we think about the process of planting a seed, the seed many times withers and must be covered with soil before anything can even start. Viable seeds often burst open to allow the cotyledon(s) within to grow into the new plant.Continue reading “Seed… Time… and Harvest”


Welcome to another Fresh Start Mondays, where we change the narrative… as our focus this year is on fulfilling our purpose with deliberate effort, it is necessary to do assessments and adjustments where needed. Therefore, we will be looking at January in hindsight. Woo-hoo, we have come to the end of January and it feelsContinue reading “Hindsight”