Even in the noise…

Welcome to another Fresh Start Monday, where we change the narrative… the world has become the noisiest I’ve seen it in my experience, so much is happening. Nevertheless, it is important that we stay true to ourselves throughout our journey.

When I hear the word noise, immediately I remember the communication model that describes everything that will alter the communication process as noise. It is no surprise that dictionaries consider noise as a sound or combination thereof that is loud or unpleasant, as well as it may be considered as something that causes disturbance.

We are indeed in a noisy season, so much is happening all around us, all around the world. We are battling diseases, many of which we have no cure; we are faced with lockdowns and curfews, that puts us all at risk for emotional challenges. How will those without homes function? What about those without a support system? What of those who have lost their jobs? What about those loosing loved ones? What about those who have been facing one challenge after another without a break?

All these are important questions, yet there is one that is greater. What do we know? In responding to this question there are some aspects we can reflect on to help us identify that which we know.

  • Who are we? At our core, not on a superficial level.
  • Where does our faith lie? Faith is intangible, it helps us to get through now. It is a direct result of our belief system. What do we believe about what we are facing? Is there a gap? How will we deal with it?   
  • Where is our hope? What are those things that we hold on to? When our faith dwindles, and we are feeling lost, what do we hope in? What is our motivation for our tomorrows?
  • What will we do? In facing all that is happening, what are we doing, not just to cope, but to get from where we are to where we need to be?

When we answer these questions, they will help us to move forward. And this is not just physically moving forward but also emotionally dealing with all that comes with the season we are in. When we know who we are, and have a conviction about it, then even in the noise we can keep going. Surely, things may change. We may be weeping while walking, but we’ll keep the pace even in pain.

Life happens, and things will come our way we never even thought of or expected. But it is important, even in the uncertainties, the heartbreaks and disappointments that we stay true to ourselves. That we run the race set before us, that we fulfil our purpose. Just as we needed those before us to fulfil their purpose so we could benefit, in the same way we need to fulfil our purpose so those that will come after us can benefit.

Let’s imagine for a minute what life would be like without a gadget everyone uses such as the phone. What if the five (5) persons who are attributed telephone inventors decided when the going got tough to just quit? Think also of everyday appliances in our homes such as the refrigerator and the stove. Can we really wrap our minds around living without those two (2)? Imagine salting our meats and keeping it by the fireside, would we voluntarily do that?

We may think that our purposes are not as far reaching as those, but the truth is we will never know, if we do nothing about it. So, when we get to those crossroads, where in the noise must do we something, may we take the time to gather our thoughts and answer the important questions. Surely, it may be difficult and yes, it may be uncomfortable but it is also very necessary. We may need to make pros and cons lists, we may need to spend extra time in prayer, we may require counsel or we may choose to fast. Everyone’s method will be different, but what’s important is being true to our authentic selves.

For when we get to each crossroad, taking the right road requires us to step into a greater version of ourselves and we must be ready to take the next step into our evolution. We may be fearful, wondering how it will work out but as we take each step, little by little, it will come together.

When we look back at those things we have been through, those lessons we have learnt, they have prepared us for the moment we are now in. Assuredly, we have the right to be where we are… at the brick of continued evolution. We may get tempted to just go easy and stay where we are for surely it feels safer. But may we remember that once we experience greatness, any thing less becomes uncomfortable. We will not be able to deny our true selves forever, so it is best that we continue on our purpose journey regardless. May we all boss up!

Let us be true to ourselves, even in the noise… and change our narrative…

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