Welcome to another Fresh Start Monday, where we change the narrative… In challenging times, it can be hard for us to discern our season, to make the right decisions at crossroads, to be true to ourselves in all the noise around us and to navigate the shades of gray within which we often find ourselves. At these times we need to anchor ourselves, and in order to do that we must find our anchor and know when and how to use it.

I vividly recall watching movies with ships and boats, they usually have at least two (2) anchors, though only one (1) is often seen. There were times when the wind or the current was so heavy that they had to anchor the vessel to prevent it form drifting. I also noticed that sometimes the vessels were also anchored when they were docked.

As I reflect on the need to anchor ourselves, especially in times of crisis, these images come to mind. Life, many times is like the wind or the current, we aren’t always warned of the impeding changes, though if we pay close attention, we may be able to recognize the change early. Just as the sailors are prepared to anchor their vessels when necessary, so too we must be ready to anchor ourselves.

Anchors are usually made from metal and are used to connect a vessel to the bed of a body of water. Right here, we see the importance of the strength of an anchor, it must be able to deal well with the elements around it, it must be sturdy, it must be resilient. Sailors also know that they can’t anchor just anywhere, because loose sand does not provide much holding power for the anchor.

“Set your eyes upon your goals, release your anchor and let it take hold, for when the storms of life have you battered and worn, put faith in your anchor, for your anchor holds”

Clayton Hamilton

As we seek to anchor ourselves in these ever-changing times, we must firstly identify our anchor. What is it that keeps us grounded? What gives us hope? Where do we find peace? Many will answer this question in varied ways, but ultimately the answer reveals our faith.

Faith is a huge part of our daily lives, whether we acknowledge it or not. Those things we hold on to, contributes to our belief system and ultimately our faith. Do we believe that we are able to weather the storms of life? Do we believe we have what it takes? Do we believe that we can so anchor ourselves and keep our peace? Do we believe that our actions will influence the world around us? Are we able to build ourselves up? Do we trust ourselves to anchor at the right time and in the right environment? And importantly, what or who is our anchor?

I know many questions have been asked, and the aim really is to simulate introspection. Surely, the path ahead may seem frightening but we can’t stay still forever. The boats and ships are safe when docked, they won’t be swept away by wind or currents. But that’s not what they were made for, they were made to sail the seas, and if they don’t, they simply will not be fulfilling the purpose for which they were created.

So, it is with you and I, though staying in a safe space is quite appealing, we were not created to avoid what we consider danger and stay one place all our lives without any growth. We must find our anchor and become skillful in using it when navigating our life’s waters. For as the sailors know when and where to drop the anchor so too will we.

Let us become skillful in anchoring ourselves at the right time and in the right environment, thereby, changing our narrative…

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