Welcome to another fresh start Monday, where we change the narrative… The act of confession has varied meanings based on the circumstance, but a main idea holds true in all meanings and that is admitting facts verbally. Today, we will be looking at the value of our spoken word.

One of the greatest books of all times says, life and death lies in the power of our tongue. We do not need to look very far to see the that this statement is so simple, yet so true. Let us stop for a minute and think about how we feel after being spoken about in good regard and compare it to how we feel after being spoken about poorly.

Let us also think of how we feel after thinking and speaking positively about ourselves, compared to our feeling post negative thinking and speaking. At what point are we more productive? After positive thoughts and speech or after negative thoughts and speech?

There are many popular persons who use positive self-talk as motivation to accomplish great exploits, such as Usain Bolt. Yet there are also many persons who would be among the unknowns who practice this principle and their quality of life has improved. I am among those.

Muhammad Ali can be seen using this positive thought and speech throughout his career. He said that, “If my mind can conceive it, and my heart can believe it, then I can achieve it” Now look at that, if you are able to win mentally then half the battle is already won.

Many times, our greatest struggle lies in us being unable to conceive our greatness. We can’t imagine being as productive as we would like. We can’t imagine working assiduously at our dreams. We see all the obstacles that would present themselves. We see all the challenges and count ourselves as incompetent. But tell me if we don’t work at achieve our dreams, then who will?

But what if we can dare to believe the dream can come to pass? What if we really possess the necessary skillset? What if we really have what it takes?

Faith comes by hearing… So, in order to believe it we need to speak it. We need to confess our capabilities, watch ourselves grow and change our narrative…  

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