The Wonders of Peace of Mind

Welcome to another fresh start Mondays, where we change the narrative… Today, we will be taking a closer look at peace of mind. Have you every stood back and taken a look at the world? Looking at the bigger picture and realize that you are simple a cog in this great machine. Today we areContinue reading “The Wonders of Peace of Mind”

Fresh Start Mondays – Stress

Welcome to another in the Fresh Start Monday series, where we change the narrative… today we will be talking about stress. What it is, some causes and managing stress. Stress is a part of everyday life, therefore, in order for us to thrive in the uncertainties, we must be able to identify when we areContinue reading “Fresh Start Mondays – Stress”

A little me time…

Self-care is the art of attending to oneself. It is important to preserve life and improve the quality thereof. In the current challenges we are facing, it is vital that we make self-care a priority. Some simple steps include: Resting – our bodies need 6 to 8 hours of sleep 💤 daily to maintain optimalContinue reading “A little me time…”

Fresh Start Mondays – Health

On the matter of Health Welcome to another Fresh Start Mondays, where we change the narrative. Today, we will be looking on the matter of health and its importance in our current environment. We are living in a time where many things are constantly changing. How well we are able to deal with these changes…Continue reading “Fresh Start Mondays – Health”