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Our Story of Discovery and Empowerment

In the depths of my heart and soul, the seeds of Hannah Moments were planted—an idea that would later become a powerful force for transformation. It wasn’t an overnight realization, but a gradual understanding that needed to simmer and evolve over the course of eight years.

Hannah, an emblematic figure, represents the everyday woman facing a spectrum of experiences. She thrives in certain aspects of her life, basking in the love of her husband, yet grapples with the profound challenge of infertility. Her story mirrors the reality of many—triumphs in some spheres while grappling with adversity in others. Like Hannah, we find ourselves excelling in one arena while facing hurdles in another, be it at work, school, or within ourselves.

The essence of Hannah Moments is this awakening—an internal revolution. It’s about realizing that despite the challenges we face, we can dream again, we can live again, and we can take meaningful actions. It’s a call to move beyond the surface, to roll up our sleeves, and passionately pursue those dreams that make our hearts beat faster.

And so, we invite you to step into the world of Hannah Moments, where that moment of realization dawns upon you, revealing the immense potential you hold within. “Suddenly you realize you are so much more…”

Three (3) years later, Hannah Moments Neurodiversity and Empowerment Hub emerged from its cocoon, adorned with a new name and a fresh tagline—Empowering Wellness and Learning with Expertise, Passion, and Creativity. This transformation was sparked by a personal journey—a journey of hidden truths and untold stories. It is my voyage as a parent to a child diagnosed with special needs.

Education and, more specifically, special education, have always held a special place in my heart. It was during my expedition into these uncharted waters that the diagnosis of special needs for my child was unveiled. With this revelation, a new path emerged.

I stand before you, not just as Vanesia Bowden but as a Special Needs Parenting Coach, a Neurodiversity Specialist, and an Empowerment Maven. Armed with certifications in pharmacy, teaching, training, and cognitive coaching, I am prepared to embark on a journey of empowerment with you.

Join me on this expedition—a voyage where empowerment takes center stage through the promotion of wellness and learning. Let us use my expertise, fueled by an unwavering passion and nurtured creativity, to illuminate the path towards a brighter, more empowered tomorrow.

This is the tale of Hannah Moments Neurodiversity and Empowerment Hub—an ever-evolving narrative of empowerment, growth, and the realization that we are, indeed, so much more than we could ever imagine.