Who am I?

woman wearing green turban

“I come as one, but stand as ten thousand” – Maya Angelo

I stand before you a mixed woman, no ethnic group considers me purely theirs, an outcast it would seem… But as my mixed blood would have it

  • I stand before you with the strength and courage of the African woman
  • I stand before you with the humility and industriousness of the Indian woman
  • I stand before you with the innovation and discipline of the Chinese woman
  • I stand before you with the confidence and assertiveness of the Caucasian woman

I represent the manifestation of love crossing ethnic and religious barriers… I possess the innate intuition of a woman… Yet, I carry with me the blood, sweat and prayers of my ancestors: slaves, indentured labourers and slave masters alike.

With all the intricacies of my lineage, I am compelled to live boldly, I’m compelled to be true. I must be uniquely me!

For it is the sacrifice of many that has brought me to this point of freedom. And with freedom comes responsibility.

This responsibility compels me to live in such a way that my children and my children’s children will experience this and more…

So yes, I come before you today as one but I stand before you as ten thousand!

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