Fresh Start Mondays – The Mind

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Welcome to another fresh start Monday, where we change the narrative…

Today we’ll talk a little about the mind. As we all know, the mind is one of the most powerful tool, that we have in our arsenal. It houses the beginning of most things… as our actions usually are manifestations of our thoughts. It is the epicenter of our creativity and when combined with our hearts, produces much beauty.

Some, myself included considers the mind as the womb of our destiny. Just as children are conceived and nurtured in the womb until they are developed to be birthed… so it is with our thoughts and our minds.

While reading this very post, your mind is processing all the data seen and converting into useful information. It is our mind that then determines what we should do with this information. In the same way, our mind is the compass that charts our destiny, the paths to be taken, the paths we should abandoned. Our mind weighs the options and gives us the solution. So, as we start our Monday afresh, let our minds and thoughts chart a course throughout the week towards our destiny.

As is often said, a mind is a terrible thing to waste… for it is the womb of our destiny…

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Written by Vanesia Bowden

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