Beautiful, beastly or both?

brown lioness laying on green grass during daytime

Beauty may be described as a combination of qualities that causes pleasure to the one who beholds. While beast may be described simply, as the undesirables. In reflection, would you consider yourself beautiful or beastly? Before you respond, take a moment and think…

What is it that drives you? What is it that causes you to wake up early and go to bed late? What is it that causes you to find innovative solutions? To what do you give your 200%?

beautiful, beastly or both?

What’s the motive? The beautiful things about you… that you’ll shout from the mountains? Or is it that challenge that forces you to find another way out? Is it the beast within, that comes alive when you have the seemingly impossible to accomplish? That beastly thing about you…

So, in responding… are you beautiful, are you beastly or are you both?

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Written by: Vanesia Bowden

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