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A circle is round… and it can be defined as moving all the way around someone or something. In other words, it describes a movement in a wide loop back towards one’s starting point.

Sometimes we feel as though we are going around in circles… on the merry-go-round of our lives. Before we get frustrated 😞… may we take a moment to reflect on our journey.

Is everything the same on each revolution? If not, what are those things that have changed? How have they impacted us? And if everything appears to be the same, what is it that we know we need to change?


It is important that we reflect on our experiences, otherwise we will miss important points… areas of growth and our daily blessings. See, whether we realize it or not, change starts within. So, it may seem like we’ve been going around and around but, on the inside, we are growing, we are learning. This enables us to enter the next season of our lives. Life is dynamic and we need to be agile of mind, with the right perspective so we are able to detect when to make our next move. While we think we are going around in circles, we are actually on a spiral… transitioning from one revolution to another, one dimension to another or from one season to another. Feel like you’re going around in circles… take another look…

Written by: Vanesia Bowden

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