Seed… Time… and Harvest

Seed, time and harvest is a universal principle that we many times overlook. When we think about the process of planting a seed, the seed many times withers and must be covered with soil before anything can even start. Viable seeds often burst open to allow the cotyledon(s) within to grow into the new plant. The length of time between a seed being covered with soil and watered, and the time a sprout is seen depends on the type of seed. Some, take days like the kidney beans while others may take years like the bamboo plant. What is guaranteed is that once seeds are planted with the passage of time, there will be a harvest.

No! someone said… what if the seeds are not viable, what if the soil does not provide the needed nutrients, what if the seeds are not watered… and the list could go out. It is true, all those conditions may arise and the seeds planted may not produce fruit… and in those situations, absence of fruit will be the planter’s harvest.  

“A seed knows how to wait… a seed is alive while it waits.” – Hope Jahren

We have an advantage when compared to an actual seed because we have intellect and instincts. When we are planted, in the darkness of… inhumane conditions, sickness, lack, etc. and we feel as though everything is falling apart, will we allow what is within us to burst forth and grow. Or will we stifle what is on the inside? Will we allow this universal principle to teach us and “grow us up”, learning, growing, adapting and evolving?

May we see our darkness experiences as being planted, may we use the adversities we encounter to water our souls by going deep within and finding the gifts hidden, may we allow those gifts to burst us open producing a harvest of purpose.

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