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Dear Postponement

Welcome to another Fresh Start Mondays, where we change the narrative. Many of us experience delays for varied reasons and we have trouble with the disconnect between our desire and intent to live on purpose with the realities we face.

To postpone involves causing something to take place at a later time. Truth is, life happens and we just can’t predict what will happen despite our best efforts. However, when we notice a pattern of each time, we are about to cross over something or someone comes in way, it is time to serve Postponement notice.

Dear Postponement,
I, (insert name) serve you, Postponement notice with immediate effect. You no longer dwell here and you are not permitted to cut the line in front of me! I command you to release everything you have with my name on it, NOW! Thank you for your co-operation.

The notice doesn’t have to be a letter, it can be an actual eviction notice, or whichever method deemed most appropriate. However, what’s of importance is the decision taken and the actions that follow. Decisions are made based on beliefs and beliefs are the foundation of our speech and actions.

I like to think of the process as my body catching up with what my spirit already knows. Therefore, it is not living outside of reality. But living in the now and enjoying the moments, with a mindful expectation of the impending changes supported by thought patterns and actions.

I am a firm believer in purpose, I believe that we were all created on purpose for a purpose. I do not think I am the only one of that belief. Many of us, have an urge, a longing on the inside to do something(s) specific to us, passions and talents that come alive in a different way when we pursue them… and those are glimpses of our purpose. To experience delays like these, causes us great frustration. Some of these experiences are there to build us, but we need to recognize the postponed pattern and dismiss it immediately.

Let us therefore, bid Mr Postponement goodbye… and change our narrative…

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