Like an Eagle

Welcome to another Fresh Start Monday, where we change the narrative… as we continue on our quest to live on purpose, we will look closely as differentiating ourselves in order to live in purpose, on purpose.

Eagles are intriguing birds; they have set themselves apart from other birds. It is nearly impossible to mistake an eagle for another bird. Their very stature is one of confidence and boldness. Over the years, across the world, eagles are admired as living symbols of power, freedom, and transcendence.

The eagle’s strongest sense is that of sight, they are able to spot their prey as far as two (2) miles away. How well do we use our sense of sight? Are we able to set our eyes on our goals and from what distance? As the eagle is able to keep focused and pursue their prey, are we able to keep focused and pursue our goals relentlessly?

Just imagine for a moment, what goes through the mind of the eagle as it spots its prey among the shrubs, from two (2) miles away? How can the eagle close the distance so rapidly that it never loses sight of its target while keeping track of its movement? It is through intense focus and dedication. Should the eagle take its eyes off its prey for a moment, then it simply vanishes from sight. So too, must we remain steadfast and vigilant, having our eyes on the prize.

The eagles also have powerful talons for catching their prey. And just like their talons, so too, must our hands be strong to take a hold of our goals as for them not to elude us. Often times our goals are in the palm of our hands, but due to a lack of resilience to overcome the struggles, our goals sometimes slip away setting us back. We must be strong and determined to achieve what we set out to.

black and white eagle
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Let’s not be swept away by the storms of life but rather be like the eagle that is able to ride the flow of the wind. Eagles are seemingly never afraid of storms, somehow, they use the winds created by the storm as their advantage. They use the winds of the storm to propel them and glide on the wind of the storm, allowing them to rest their wings. How do we treat the storms that enter our lives? Are we able to recuperate even in the midst of the storms?

Eagles are never afraid to be alone. Along our journey in life, we will have to do some things alone. Sometimes, it’s not that we are physical alone, but the dreams and desires that are deep within are unique to each individual. Are we willing to walk a road no one has walked before? Are we willing to do something that will cause us to be looked on with disdain? Or simply misunderstood?

Eagles have so mastered the art of using its natural abilities to its advantage and differentiate itself from all other birds. How have we been using our natural abilities to set ourselves apart from the crowd?

Let us go forth using our abilities to set us apart, spread our wing and soar while we change our narrative…

brown and grey eagle
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