The Culminating Effect

Welcome to another fresh start Monday, where we change the narrative… We are well into 2021, as a matter of fact we have already started the second half of the year. And I say to you, well done! You’ve made it thus far…

Some of us may be feeling fearful for varied reasons, things don’t seem to be working as planned. There are those of us who are feeling stuck. We may have been trying to get something done or trying to get to a destination, but we feel we are at the same place. And we feel we have been at the same place for a mighty long time.

Today, you are encouraged to look again. With each step taken, no matter how small, we get closer to our destination or our goal.

We have come so far over the past few months; we have held on and survived the various challenges that came our way. We have overcome, putting our best foot forward to reach this point where we are today. We could not have gotten to this point if we did not face our fears and challenges head on.

At the same time, we must give thanks that our strength has endured for so long. Many times, we look back and see not the many challenges that we have overcome, we lose sight of the things that motivated us. But I say to you, these small indiscriminate details culminate to make us who we are and get us to this point. Its all about our perspective and how we see the world around us. We can either look at the journey of the year as half way completed or half way started.

“Success is no overnight thing, but is the culminated effect of your trial and failures, your determination and perseverance to strive beyond.”

Clayton Hamilton

Whatever way you choose to look at it, remember that each day brings about a new journey, and what we learn from that day as it passes we transfer to the following day as we may not always get it right. Sometimes we will fail at what we do, but remember that is just another way that we discovered of how not to get it right. We build on what we learn so that we become stronger, we are determined to see our journey to the end so that the next time we face a similar situation we are more prepared.

Let us celebrate our small wins and take of small steps for they indeed add up and change our narrative…  

“Success is the culmination of failures, mistakes, false starts, confusion, and the determination to keep going anyway.” – Nick Gleason

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