Happy 2nd anniversary!

Today marks our second anniversary… woohoo. Thanks to our Creator and you, our valued readers we have been able to make it thus far and we look forward to greater things.

As we celebrate this milestone, we remain reflective of all the lessons learned along our purpose journey and commit to continuing with prayer, purpose and persistence. For though the dragon awaits, we must give birth to purpose!

Truly it has been a most challenging season and it may even become more challenging, but may we encourage each other along our purpose journey, for surely, we will reap that which we have sowed.

Where ever we are along our purpose journey, may we continue in diligence, inspite of the distractions and difficulties. May we resist the urge to quit and keep our eyes on the goal, for surely the end crowns the work.

Until the we meet again, let’s enjoy our purpose journey…

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