Celebrating National Authors Day: Embracing the Writer Within

Hooray! It’s National Authors Day, and today, we’re celebrating not just the accomplished authors but also those who are taking their first steps on this incredible journey of writing. For years, I knew that I should be writing books, but life’s challenges, a demanding job, and the dynamics of balancing with family responsibilities always seemed to get in the way. This year, something shifted within me, and I felt a strong conviction to put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) and embark on this exciting adventure.

But it’s not just a personal calling; I realized that there’s a deeper truth at play. I learned that delayed obedience is be a form of disobedience. So, I began praying, researching, and seeking the path forward. It dawned on me that destinies are profoundly influenced by time. As the Scriptures remind us, “I must do the work of my Father now because the night cometh when no man can work.” St John 9:4. In simpler terms, we must “make hay while the sun shines.”

Reading has been a transformative force in my life, nurturing a growth mindset and fueling my personal development. It’s a profound teacher that broadens our horizons. We all desire to leave a lasting legacy on this earth, and books are an incredibly effective way to impart the knowledge and wisdom we’ve gained to future generations. So, I made the decision to become an author, driven by three compelling reasons.

First and foremost, it’s about obedience to my Abba, a higher calling I couldn’t ignore. Secondly, my personal journey with books has illuminated the path of personal growth, and I want to share that light with others. Lastly, the desire to leave a legacy that will outlive us all, a timeless gift to the generations to come.

I’m thrilled to announce that my very first book will be published in short order. Can you guess what it will be about? Stay tuned for the reveal, and let’s celebrate the joy of writing on this National Authors Day!

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