Happy 2nd anniversary!

Today marks our second anniversary… woohoo. Thanks to our Creator and you, our valued readers we have been able to make it thus far and we look forward to greater things. As we celebrate this milestone, we remain reflective of all the lessons learned along our purpose journey and commit to continuing with prayer, purposeContinue reading “Happy 2nd anniversary!”

A Prayer for You

During the course of this week, a most unfortunate thing happened! La Soufrière, the volcano located on the island of St. Vincent started to erupt. That volcano has been dormant for decades! This event will cause many questions to be asked and many will be struggling for varied reasons. Be reminded that though you struggleContinue reading “A Prayer for You”

Run Your Race!

Welcome to another fresh start Mondays, where we change the narrative… life happens, we all know this. Sometimes, we struggle with our best efforts not yielding the fruit that we would like. Today, I would like to encourage us all to accept what is, though it is deemed bad in our eyes until it becomesContinue reading “Run Your Race!”

Faith… Hope… Love…

Welcome to another Fresh Start Monday, where we change the narrative… As February closes and we embrace March, many are becoming disheartened because of the changes in our environment. Many are feeling like they are living in ‘Déjà vu’… while the hope of others has begun to dwindle because the challenges keep increasing. The demandContinue reading “Faith… Hope… Love…”

FAITH… will you use it?

For weeks I’ve been thinking of the woman with the issue of blood… can you imagine bleeding for 12 long years? Women, including myself struggle to cope with 5 to 7 days of our monthly cycle… I simply can’t imagine bleeding for 12 years! Yet this is what this woman endured. She spent everything sheContinue reading “FAITH… will you use it?”