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The beauty of being in transit…

Life is such that we all have a mental picture of who we are or who we want to be, a picture of our strengths and weaknesses, a picture of our dreams and desires, a picture of a desired destination.

And that, in and of itself is astounding, because we have ambitions that we would like to get to…to reach that desired end.

In the midst of our journey, may we never forget to enjoy the journey, to truly experience the ups and downs; and allow ourselves to feel our emotions. May we be truly present in each moment and celebrate where we are, for we will never experience those moments again.

As we travel along life’s journey, transitioning from one version of ourselves to another… to the point where we discover our ultimate selves, may we truly maximize the state of being in transit.

The beauty of weeping but still walking, the beauty of helping while being helped. The beauty of being in between who we are accustomed to being and who we have been graced to be. The beauty of simply not knowing if everything could work perfectly or if, in an instance, everything could fall apart. The beauty of being in transit.

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Written by: Vanesia Bowden

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