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The Glory of Unfair Disadvantages

Everyone encounters advantages and disadvantages; some are fair and some are not. We’re all happy and over the moon when we experience advantages, whether reasonable or not. However, our hearts sink when we experience disadvantages, in particular, those that are unfair.

The glory of a thing speaks to its magnificence or great beauty. So now you ask, can there be any beauty, let alone great beauty in unfair disadvantages. Without reservation, the answer is yes!


Close your eyes and think back to your last few successes… did they originate from innate strength or was it a weakness or challenge that caused you to level up? Did you start that business because you were fired, treated unfairly or maybe you loved the job but ends couldn’t meet? Are you an advocate for a specific group of persons, and it so happens that, there’s someone you care deeply about that fits the bill?

You see, these disadvantages have been working in our favour. We’re developing the courage to keep going despite the fear we experience; we’re becoming more innovative because of the need to create lasting solutions and we’re becoming more resilient because we keep going no matter what.

So yes, there is glory in unfair disadvantages, because simply put, they strengthen our character and give us fresh perspectives.

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Written by: Vanesia Bowden

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  1. It’s so true, out of the midst of the unfair situation i spring further and develop more as a person……

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