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Fresh Start Mondays

Welcome to the first in the series, today we will be looking at the gift of time.

Fresh start Mondays – The gift of time

Welcome, welcome… welcome


See Mondays have traditional been my least liked day of the week

I look forward to Fridays, I’m excited by Wednesdays but Mondays…. have been a downer for me ☹

But that’s changing now, the Lord in his grace has allowed me to recognize that Monday gives the opportunity for a fresh start… fresh start at work… fresh start for productivity… have that dream in mind, start working on it today, after all its fresh start Mondays 😉

No better start than a fresh start…

God in his wisdom has gifted us with the gift of time in pockets, seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years etc. So, we always have the opportunity to start fresh, should the need arise.

Monday represents the start of productivity for the week, the 1st work day for many. The stress associated with this day is directly related to the most heart attacks happening on Mondays according to research.

So, let’s change that narrative, let’s be happy and excited for Mondays… cheers to fresh start Mondays 😃

Fresh start Mondays – the gift of time

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Written by Vanesia Bowden (19th October, 2020)

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