Promise Issues

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Have you ever been promised something? How did you feel when you received that promise? Did the person make good on the promise at the time of giving the promise?

Often times, we receive promises with joyful hearts… but sometimes the joy and excitement dwindle because there’s usually a waiting period. How will you wait?


Think about our jobs, we go to work day after day… with the promise of a pay check at specific intervals, and no matter how we feel about the job, we endure the challenges because of the promised pay check.

Think also of pregnancy, the promise of a pregnancy is a baby after nine (9) months. If you’re the woman, you endure the morning sickness, the pain and discomfort… all for the promise of a child. And if you’re the man, you endure the change and many times not quite sure what or how to help for the promise just the same.

So, it is with the promises on our lives, there’s usually a waiting period and usually we face challenges… not because we did something wrong but because we are awaiting a promise.

Let’s stay focused and encourage ourselves along the journey, for though it may tarry, it will come to pass.

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