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A little me time…

Self-care is the art of attending to oneself. It is important to preserve life and improve the quality thereof. In the current challenges we are facing, it is vital that we make self-care a priority. Some simple steps include:

  • Resting – our bodies need 6 to 8 hours of sleep ūüí§ daily to maintain optimal functioning.
  • Eating well – eating healthy foods in appropriate portions is important to fuel our bodies. We don’t need to be a nutritionist, the simple rule of all things in moderation will act as a good guide. Another important factor is the timing of our meals. A simple rule of thumb is 3 meals and 2 snacks between if necessary. 
  • Drink water – water detoxifies our bodies and cause us to glow.
  • Keep priorities as priority- with so many things demanding our attention and time, it is easy to get distracted. Keeping our priorities in check will ensure time is not wasted.
  • Refresh yourself- it is important that we spend time refreshing ourselves… meaning we feed our souls and strengthen our inner person. 
  • Take a break – know our limits and walk away when necessary. Do something enjoyable and relax.

Many things may be demanding your attention… but remember you come first. Without your person you would be incapable of accomplishing anything‚Ķ

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