Dreams and Fears

“Life is difficult”, this simple fact is true.

Have you ever taken a moment to stop and think about some of the decisions that you have made? And the consequences you had to face because of those choices? Looking back at your life and some of your experiences, things may appear so easy now, since you overcame them. But at some point, in that very instance before you made your choice, in that very moment where the road ahead was forked and you wondered, “should I go left, should I go right or should I turn back”, fear had its grasp on you. In that single moment of time, your dreams and aspirations that you held so close to your chest, clutching so hard that your palms turned red, slipped away from you in an instant. Fear, took a hold of you…

Fear is common for those who set out to achieve their goals. Whether it’s the fear that you might fail or the fear of success. Fear has the power to cripple us only for a moment and what might appear as a powerful force over us, is simply not so. Fear is but an obstacle, a challenge that you must overcome in order to reach that finish line and claim your prize. It is this fear that asks you to dig deep, show your inner strength, your drive and desire in order to achieve your goal.

Ask yourself these questions when fear stands in your way, “What are my goals and are they worth it to keep on pushing when all forces oppose me? Each time that I am beaten, can I find the strength to rise again in order to push forth? What is there waiting for me beyond my fears?

If you can answer these simple questions, and you are of the realization that your goals are bigger than your fears then nothing can stop you. As a result, neither fear or failure will have the last word. Don’t accept excuses from yourself or settle when you can dig deeper and achieve so much more.

Simply Breathe, Believe and Achieve

Your Dreams Must Be Bigger Than Your Fears

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  1. Indeed fear only cripple your chances of going forward but with GOD all things are possible because he promised never to leave us nor forsake us no matter what Life is throwing at us

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