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Mirror… Mirror…

After a long day at work, Lydia went to the bathroom to prepare for home. Upon looking in the mirror, her mind drifted… what a rough day it has been, the boss screamed in my face and a few customers were down right rude. “How am I going to manage when I get home”, she thought to herself. Knowing Derek isn’t well, the baby is always crying, house to straighten and dinner to prepare.

As she stood looking at her reflection, she wondering and asked herself “how will I tackle this evening, ensuring I get some needed rest”. Lydia stood bewildered for some time then she came up with a plan.

Lydia is like many of us today, she isn’t able to really see herself when she looks in the mirror. All she sees is endless responsibilities and a residual feeling of insufficiency. It takes real effort to see past that. Thankfully, she was able to and came up with a plan.

Lydia was able to come up with a plan after spending some time in reflection. Reflection is a practice many have overlooked; however, its results can be profound. Self-reflection is a deliberate action, where an individual takes the time to think about his own thought patterns and behaviours. Self-reflection increases self-awareness. Self-awareness enables us to identify our strengths, weaknesses and likely actions, hence we are better able to make informed decisions.

Self reflection allows us the time to look within and identify those features and  qualities that makes us unique. The introspection that is done, enables us to create solutions to our problems as we identify our talents and abilities that can be best used to overcome the situation.

So, by simply spending just a few moments reflecting, Lydia was able to plan her way around the challenges that may arise once she gets home. Will you spend some time reflecting today? If not today, then when?

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  1. Great move Lydia and this happens to me sometimes but all i do is stop think then pray and do what needs to be done

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