Fresh Start Mondays – Uncertainty

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Thriving in Uncertainty

Welcome to another fresh start Monday… where we change the narrative. Today we will be looking at thriving in uncertainty. Truth be told, we are in unprecedented times and navigating these uncertainties is paramount to not just living but thriving.

When the word thriving comes to mind, immediately I think of flourishing, prosperous and glowing while growing. You ask, how can one thrive in the midst of uncertainty? Let us take a few steps back and reflect in answering that question.

Was there anything in life that we were certain of? Yes! That’s change and death… everything else we’ve simply prepared and prayed it went the way we planned. Sometimes it did, other times it did not… and what’s the best way forward thereafter? By putting our best foot forward. That is simply saying, we did what we thought was best given the circumstances. These are a few truths that have been found helpful:

  • Worry does not help… it keeps us busy but we get nowhere. Worry simply robs us of our productive energy.
  • Faith, on the other hand, helps us to channel our energy in a way that usually produces fruit. What do we believe? Do we believe that we can accomplish great feats? And most importantly, do we believe we can be who we were created to be, even in the midst of uncertainty? The answer to these questions can be a guide, helping us to channel our thoughts and actions in a way that will not only benefit us but also those around us.
  • Act on our faith. Many times, we feel inadequate, doubting our ability to be true to ourselves and accomplish those dreams and goals on the inside… that haunts us daily; we go to bed, it’s in our dreams… we’re awake, we find ourselves daydreaming. Don’t let fear get in the way! Let us act on what we believe. With that in mind, what is it that we need to do? Do we need to learn a new skill? Or develop specific character traits? Or do we just need to make a plan?

“Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity” – Seneca

According to the Roman philosopher Seneca, “Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity”. So those, whom we may have considered to just be lucky before, were those who were preparing while they awaited their opportunities.

Let us do likewise, and prepare while we await our opportunities. We will never live in certain times, and this is for varied reasons. But we can choose to thrive in the midst of the uncertainties which we live. We can take small steps daily towards this, by choosing not to worry. But through faith, we channel our energies and prepare while we await opportunities.

Let us, therefore, thrive in uncertainty… and change the narrative…

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