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Fresh Start Mondays – Mindset

Is Mindset really Important?

Welcome to another in the Fresh Start Mondays series… where we change the narrative. Today we will be looking at mindset, we will seek to answer the question, is our mindset really important?

Mindset addresses our fundamental belief system, whether we are agile in our thoughts or fixed. The flexibility of our thought pattern is believed to be a key indicator of our success in life or lack thereof. Consequently, much of our understanding of self and our environment, comes from our belief system.

According to Charles Darwin, it is the most responsive to change, that survives. This highlights the importance of adaptability to change, change as it relates to self and the environment. Our approach to change is, therefore, heavily influenced by our mindset.

There are two main types of mindsets, fixed and growth. A fixed mindset believes that qualities are inborn, fixed, and unchangeable. While growth mindset believes that desired abilities can be learned.

 “It is not the strongest species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the most responsive to change”: Charles Darwin

If we were to liken this to a sport, I would choose surfing. I’ve always admired the bravery of surfers; their aim is always to ride the waves and it gives an extra thrill for bigger waves, not to mention the confidence after riding those waves. Surfers must have a growth mindset; they learn and practice set skills but with practice and open-mindedness they are able to adapt those skills and techniques to the particular wave when it presents itself. So, it is with life; to engage the growth mindset is to ride the waves of life. Where the ocean would represent life with all it entails, the surf board would be our mindset and we, the surfers. As it is up to the surfer to use the surf to navigate the waves and ultimately enjoy the sport of surfing while staying unharmed; so, we must engage our mindset in such a way, that we navigate the issues we face to produce the desired outcome and enjoy the process.

With this in mind, is our mindset really important? Does our mindset influence our success or lack thereof? How has our beliefs influenced our achievements?

Let’s think back to a time we encountered the need for change… what was our attitude like? Did we believe we could do it? Did we think of or attempted to adapt what we already know to a new context? Did we believe we could learn the new abilities required to undertake the new task? And what was the outcome?

May we adopt and cultivate the growth mindset, for it is this mindset that will help us to navigate these trying and ever-changing times. Let’s open our minds to new possibilities, ride the waves of life and change the narrative…

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