Feliz Navidad

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Merry Christmas everyone

Some persons don’t celebrate Christmas while others do. I’m among those who do. I do so because I’m aware that the actual date may be incorrect, however, the symbolism of the birth of Christ means more to me. See, the belief that a savior was born gives me hope… and experiencing the savior for myself strengthens my belief. I would rather err of the side of believing the Messiah was born than not.

So, what does Christmas really mean? For me, I am reminded that I am loved to the point that the Creator would take the time to make a redemption plan and execute it. I’m speechless, literally, when I think that the great Creator sent his only son for my sake. I am overwhelmed with gratitude to know that the great and mighty God has a plan for one such as I. Those are my top three meanings, so what does Christmas mean to you?

A word to the broken

Holidays can be quite challenging for those struggling with brokenness. It is okay to experience challenges, it is all a part of life. What makes the difference is how this is handled. An easy way to shift focus is channel your energy into something positive… a famous one is practicing gratitude and it works. So instead of mourning what you don’t have, celebrate that which you do.

Broken crayons 🖍 still colour

Being all present and experiencing your emotions is important… even if it means experiencing sadness, grief or any other emotions we would rather not experience. This enables us to heal from these open wounds, as we all know wounds left unattended without care festers and become more than it was before.

With that said, Merry Christmas to all…

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