As we continue on our purpose journey, we will get to crossroads. Those are turning points in our journey where we must make critical decisions.

Do we go back to the familiar place where our growth has reached its limit, do we go forward into the unknown where our growth is capped only by the limits we implement, or do we allow ourselves to get distracted and take a detour to the left or right.

Sometimes we fall back into the familiar because we deem it a safe space. However, will we feel so safe when we get to the end of our lives wondering what could have been or might have been? Will we be satisfied or experience a sense of fulfillment when we know we didn’t stay true to ourselves and our purpose?

There’s a beauty about learning, once we learn we can’t unlearn. And once exposed to greatness, mediocre becomes uncomfortable. We may try to deny ourselves some needs, when trying to fit ourselves into specific molds without realizing that we can only go for so long and this road only leads so far.

Sometimes there are markings and sign posts that provide bits of details of the road ahead, other times there are none. It is really up to us if we want to take the warnings as they come or continue along the same path and learn for ourselves. Often times, we trod the path along our journey and realize when its too late that we are heading in the wrong direction. Then we have to double our efforts, return to the starting point, and begin anew.

Life is a journey, one that is filled with twist and turns, some roads are paved while others are not, some have signs while others are without. It is up to us to choose the path we want to walk and the direction that we want to go. Whether we will stay true to the purpose that drive us, for believe it or not, others are depending on us to fulfill that purpose.  

When we get to these crossroads on our purpose journey, may we recall the signs along the way and compare against our purpose. And, if we are still not clear which way to go, may we quiet our hearts, find our core and work from there ensuring each step we take is in alignment with our purpose.

Chest out, shoulders square, chin up and one foot in front the other, let’s keep going… it’s 2021 on purpose!

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