Welcome to another Fresh Start Monday, where we change the narrative. Today we will be looking at seasons. A season may be thought of a cluster of time marked by specific weather patterns and daylight hours. You may be wondering, what does this have to do with our purpose journey? As we experience different seasons in our environments, so do we in our lives.

We experience four (4) seasons, namely spring, summer, autumn and winter. Seasons are experienced all over the globe, however, the season someone will experience at a particular time will depend on where the individual is in relation to the equator.

There are times we have unfavourable experiences and we want to give up… throw in the towel. But it is important to know, that the end of a season marks the beginning of another. When we look at the plants, in particular the perennials, that live from year to year, they know that they will go through all four seasons repeatedly. They endure the challenges of winter, and embrace the newness of spring. Summer and autumn can be seen as preparation or adjustment periods.

We too experience different seasons in life, and I do not mean the weather unless we are speaking figuratively. Our seasons may come to us as trials and tribulations, the obstacle we must overcome, our drought season. This is that moment in our lives when nothing seems to go right, whatever we plant seems to not grow. Yet we wonder when will be our season of change. As well as it may come as endless blessing and joy.

The seasons we experience may be described as follows.

  • Spring usually represents newness; seeds begin to take root and plants begin to grow. We may experience fresh opportunities we’ve been waiting for, as well as opportunities for growth. We experience rainfall, bountiful blessings.
  • In summer, things warm up, building the tempo and sometimes summer is marked with heavy rainfall interspersed with excessive heat. And we not quite sure where the blessings and challenges begin or end.
  • With autumn the temperature cools down and things slow down. Things are still going for us but the momentum not what it used to be. In preparation for the winter coming.
  • Winter brings chills, slowing down many things and growth takes much longer.

We must remember that a season is only for a time and though this might not be your time, “your time will come”. Does this mean that we should not prepare for our bountiful season because we are currently experiencing a drought? No! We must still be prepared!

Once our season is here nothing can stop us, because what is meant for you cannot be for another. Does a farmer only till the soil when the when it rains? No! He works right throughout making that preparation to plant his crop, in the drought the land is prepared and as soon as the rains are here, he plants his seeds. Imagine what would have happened had he not prepared? Would he be ready right on time for sowing his seeds? Or would he experience unnecessary delay or missed opportunity.

So too, must we prepare in our season of drought, for the season of growth is coming our way. And in our season of growth and bountiful blessings we must bottle and store some for the season of drought. For as the drought will not last forever, so too the rains will not last forever.

Let us navigate our seasons wisely and change our narrative…

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  1. “Navigate your seasons wisely”…I pray for that wisdom…thanks for those thoughts and reminders.God bless you🙂

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