Easter Reflection

Easter is celebrated with different traditions worldwide, some Easter eggs and others with bun and cheese. Yet, the importance or rather the significance of this season is much more. Though, the date maybe incorrect, the symbolism is worth so much.

On a Friday like today, Jesus was crucified… at that moment he paid the ultimate cost for man. It must have been a very dark moment in history. Nonetheless, his sacrifice is what gave us all access to redemption of our sins.

When I think of the sacrifice, I am beyond grateful and humbled. I have often wondered to myself if I would make such a sacrifice and truly, I can’t say I would. The love and instinct of a parent is to protect their children. Yet, the Lord God sent his only son to die on calvary’s cross so that we might be saved. This fact has always left me dumbstruck.

Jesus came, he lived, he demonstrated love towards us all and showed us that God’s love is everlasting. In spite of his strong desire to please his father, he still struggled in the garden of Gethsemane and resolved, not my will but thine be done.

The story is Easter is a very potent one and it shows us that though we may struggle with making right decisions, at the end we should resolve, not our will but God’s will be done. It also showed us that sometimes we have to do the unimaginable for the glory of God to be revealed. For the Easter story continues that after three (3) days Jesus will rise up from the dead (we will explore that in another article).

May we, like Jesus, surrender to the will of God, “not my will but thine be done”.

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