Thriving through Adversities

Welcome to another Fresh Start Monday, where we change the narrative… Today we will be looking at thriving through our adversities and not merely existing. An adversity may be thought of as a difficult or unpleasant situation. You may be wondering, what does this have to do with our purpose journey? As we experience different adversities in life we must not simply aim to overcome, but to blossom, bloom and thrive.

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2020 was a year that we will never forget. The coronavirus, which surfaced in late 2019, has spread to nearly every country, upending life and derailing the global economy. Though it has always been said that change is the only constant in life, I for one can say, I was totally unprepared for the changes that were soon to follow. And though the world went into a state of withdrawal as we tried to bring this new viral outbreak under control, we were too late in our response, and for that, the dynamics of our society has since changed dramatically. Though we are now living in the new norm, each and every day I rise, I remind myself that today is a new day, one that we have never seen before and will never again see. And as such, each day brings forth its own challenges, pains and joys.

Life can be described as rollercoaster ride, filled with ups and downs and too fast to simply hop from the ride once it starts moving. So, what can we do? Sit and try our best to enjoy the ride? Sometimes, we must take a moment and step from the canvas to see the bigger picture and reminisce on how life often challenges us in order to forge us into polished gems.

“Change often starts terrifying and confusing, along the way it gets quite messy but somehow the end is exceptionally beautiful” Vanesia Bowden

Like me, have you ever paused for a moment and reflect on all the things that you have been through? Analyze the paths that you have taken and the decisions you have made? All that have brought you to the here and now, to this particular moment in time? Have you ever just found yourself smiling, simply by thinking of the adversities that you have overcome through the many downs on your rollercoaster ride?  Many had thought that you were battered and torn after the battles you had faced, some even gave up on you and left you behind, but you smile at the thought, that here you stand today. Do you know why you are standing here today? It is quite simple really, just think back on those situations that you had to overcome. Did you quit when the task became too hard, did you let go when your strength faded or did you simply muster all that you could and with an unbreakable resolve pressed on? That, my friend, is the reason why you are still standing.

Often times we find that changes come to us unexpectedly and in the blink of an eye our world is turned upside down. We can give in and do nothing, or we can take charge of this new world, overcoming the challenges sent our way and live life to the fullest. We must learn to adopt to that which we have no control over.

“If the storm of life comes at me today, then in the eye of it all you will find me”.

Clayton Hamilton

Though we may be caught off guard, when these adversities come, once it has been identified we must begin making preparation if we want to survive. And how will we survive you ask? How will we move forward when we don’t know which way to go? I say, one should never make a good crisis go to waste as we seek out opportunities in every situation. Seek out the advantages that may be had. For the crisis may just be your test for growth to show what you are made of.

We must become more self-aware, realizing the current situation that we find ourselves in before it is too late. Remember that wishful thinking gets us nowhere, on the other hand hope with work does. For if adversity comes, we cannot simply wish it away, for if we could the coronavirus would be long gone, nothing but a distant memory. But here we are and it’s still here with us. We hope for a brighter day but at the same time, we must lay the ground work in order to get there.

May we never waste time focusing on the way things should be, but spend time focusing on what is and how we can work on where we want to be. Focusing on what is not, impairs our judgement causing us to make unwise decisions to achieve the best outcome. There is so much that we cannot control but for the little that we can, we should make the best of.

As we press on through the uncertainties, may we thrive through our adversities… and change our narrative…


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