It’s still a talent!

Welcome to another fresh start Monday, where we change the narrative… Today we will be taking a closer look at our attitude of gratitude. Gratitude speaks to our ability to be thankful or our readiness to show appreciation for kindness.

Fresh Start Mondays #wherewechangethenarrative

We live in a time where comparison is so prevalent. We don’t need to look far to see the comparisons. Most of us are using social media and we all post our best moments there. The challenge many of us have, however, is not realizing that we compare best moments posted with the challenges we face. Or we compare ourselves with others at different stages of live. Yet there are those of us who compare our abilities with that of others, and this is what we will focus on today.

Sue, Debbie and Trina have been friends since they were in grade 2, now they are in grade 9 and their friendship is strained. Sue is a very brilliant girl and does well in everything she puts her mind to. Trina is also brilliant but she does well in language related work and struggles with mathematical concepts. Debbie is also brilliant and does well with mathematical concepts but struggles with language related work.

Over the years, these girls worked together well, they helped each other and did homework together. Since lately Debbie has been feeling jealous of Sue who is able to master most things single handed. So, she starts hanging out with Paula who feels a similar way. Trina tried talking to Debbie but she insisted on being sour. Trina continued working with Sue and realized that she wrote very good stories. Trina decided to enter the writing competition and she encouraged Debbie to enter the math competition, but Debbie was so sour that she decided she will not enter.

Trina won the writing competition and got the opportunity to work with a publisher to write short stories for children.  

Trina learnt that when we utilize our talent, even if, it is only one talent, it gives birth to new abilities. So, instead of comparing our abilities to those of others. Let us be thankful for that which we can do and do so heartily.

Let us utilize our talent, because it’s still a talent… and change our narrative…

When we utilize our talents, it gives birth to new abilities.

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