Happy Father’s Day

I was sent a picture recently showing a comparison between Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. The picture had a picture of a roasted chicken for Mother’s Day and roasted chicken feet for Father’s Day.

It caused me to reflect on the way we treat our father’s and by extension our men. Every so often we overlook the valuable contribution men make to our homes and to our society.

Let’s not down play the effect of a father on a child. How secure a child feels, even as an adult that they can always go to their dad. Let’s celebrate the value a father places on his daughter and the confidence he cultivates in his son.

Surely as no one is perfect, they will get it wrong at times, as do we. But can we celebrate our men, our father’s simply for who they are. Not only do they protect, provide and promote. But there is an x factor that’s hard to describe but it makes a world of difference.

Happy Father’s Day

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