Welcome to another Fresh Start Mondays, where we change the narrative… Today we will be looking at endurance. Endurance may be seen as the ability to go through a difficult situation or circumstance without giving way. Simply put, it can be seen as your capacity to withstand challenges.

Endurance is a necessary life skill for us to excel in our lives and even to survive. Life will ensure challenges come our way even when we least expect it. Endurance will enable us to handle life’s challenges and if those experiences are used properly then we can use them to our advantage.

“If you want good, you nose haffi run” is a popular saying in my home country. It highlights the importance of enduring to the end so you can experience good. For surely, undesired experiences will come our way but enduring the undesired will enable us to experience our desired good.

As I sat and gathered my thoughts on endurance to write this article a friend of mine flashed across my mind. I recalled a conversation we once had some time ago, about the struggles he endured during college. There were nights he had nowhere to lay his head and had to find a classroom just to get some rest. It took everything just to find the tuition fee, so everyday living became a struggle. Though the struggles might have seemed mountainous at the time, he now stands atop its peek looking over the horizon because he never gave up. He never quit because of the financial embarrassment that he felt. Rather he endured the though the tough days and rough nights, because he came with a goal that must be reached, and failing was no option.

Today many persons may be going through similar situations financially or even in our heath, families and our jobs; and with the added effects of the pandemic things may just be even tougher. Nevertheless, if we decide to endure, we will make it and better than we expected.

This brings me to another popular saying “what doesn’t kill you make you stronger”. As such we must continue the good fight and endure the challenges that comes our way so that our strength may increase as we overcome. For surely, if we endure we will become stronger, wiser and more skilled in handles life’s challenges.

Let us go forth with endurance and change our narrative…

“Endurance enables us to become stronger, wiser and more skilled” – Vanesia Bowden

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