Not the Final Chapter!

Welcome to another Fresh Start Monday, where we change the narrative… Today you will be encouraged… this is not the final chapter!

These times that we are living in presents itself with unique challenges and many of us have been dealing with one situation after the other. Yet, we are still in the pandemic and many are grappling with the realities we now face. Some of us have financial difficulties, others family and relational, while others struggle with their health. In the midst of it all, remember this is not the final chapter!

Though we may be struggling, let us remind ourselves that it doesn’t mean we have failed. Though we may be crying, let us remind ourselves that crying is a healthy expression of our emotions. Though we may feel frustrated, let us remind ourselves that frustration is a part of life, this too will pass. This is not the final chapter!

It’s been a long time since I’ve read a suspense novel, but for those of us who have ever read one, we know that we will not see the bigger picture painted by the story until we are at the few remaining chapters and looking back. So let us not get discouraged, this is not the final chapter.

Yet there are times we may be tempted to compare ourselves with others. No matter the temptation to indulge, I hope we will choose not to. For truly, we are all on our separate journeys in life, our milestones will be different and success will look different for each of us. We may feel like we are not accomplishing anything, but keep going. This is not the final chapter!

We are all at different stages on our purpose journey, may we stay focused on our path and not lose sight of our goals. Remember if we were to reach our goals at the beginning, the journey would be a short and boring one. This is not the final chapter!

May we continue on our purpose journey, keeping in mind the any misfortune or challenge encountered is not the final chapter… and change our narrative…

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