Increase Your Capacity!

Welcome to another Fresh Start Mondays, where we change our narrative… Today we will be looking at increasing our capacity.

Capacity can be seen simply as the maximum amount that something can contain. Have we explored our capacity… as it relates to our relationships, our pursuit of purpose or our health?

Close your eyes and think of a vase filled with river stones. Would you consider the vase filled? Then think of adding some small pebbles, was the vase filled before the addition? Is it still full? How about adding some sand, was it able to hold the sand? Of course! Is the vase still full? Then finally add some water, at what stage would the vase be considered filled to capacity?

What can we learn from this scenario? For me, it brought to the forefront the thought that many times we think we have reached our capacity but it is not so. So it is with our lives, sometimes making small changes increases our capacity and enable us to accomplish more. It could be as simple as rearranging our tasks. Or including a small habit that is beneficial.

It is important that we seek to increase our capacity as we will encounter various challenges in our lives. How we handle them will impact our productivity, our fulfilment and inevitably our ability to fulfill our purpose. It then becomes necessary for us not to limit our selves but seek to increase our capacity and in so doing change our narrativeā€¦

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