Hell and NO water!

Welcome to another fresh start Monday, where we change the narrative… Today, we take the opportunity to share some encouragement, particularly for those who have been having a hard time. 


I grew up hearing the phrase ‘come hell or high water’, when there is a resolve within that this is the standard. So, I would hear things like, ‘come hell or high water I will do well’. It has always intrigued me because I would liken difficulties to hell but not necessarily to water. Though I’m quite cognizant of the fact that water can cause significant damage. Therefore, today I speak to those who feel like they are going through hell and there is no water.

There are many of us who are feeling overwhelmed, the plans are falling through and nothing seems to work the way it should. All our efforts seem futile and we face disappointment daily. Today, I remind you that your disappointments don’t define you, your failures don’t define you, your sorrow doesn’t define and your pain doesn’t define you. Whatever sense of hopelessness you currently feel, it does NOT define you!

Many have varied beliefs, but I believe in the Creator of the universe and He also created you and I. He has a grand plan for us, which is the reason he created us in the beginning and the treasure he placed inside us is what defines us.

Let me share with you, some details about a lady I met while reading as a teen, her name is Mary Magdalene. Some call her Mary of Magdala. According to my understanding Mary grew up at the port of Magdala, Magdala is a place know for two (2) things primarily, fishermen and prostitutes. We don’t need to think hard to figure out the challenges Mary went through growing up in a community filled with lonely fishermen and numerous prostitutes. Just close your eyes for a minute or two and imagine being Mary or a close relative such as a daughter being Mary. For me, it felt like hell with no water, nothing to make light of the circumstances within which I found myself. It is therefore, no surprise that she had been so filled with spirits that Jesus cast seven out of her. I’m of the opinion that the seven might have been a little figurative but the essence regardless of the number is that she was filled to capacity with spirits that were not her own. After Jesus cast the spirits out of her, she followed Jesus in his ministry the rest of his life and was one of the three women at the foot of the cross during the crucifixion.

Many of us can identify with Mary of Magdala, the challenge may not be the same but the principles apply. Some of the challenges we face are heavily influenced by our surroundings or our situations, while others are even out of our control. There are those who judge our actions, but they don’t know our Magdala, they don’t know our whys, they have no idea how we ended up there in the first place.

Today, I remind you that while spectators are looking on and passing their judgements, our Creator knows our why and he is not judging us for He sees our hearts. He is the God of second chances. He sees us as we are and he loves us nonetheless. Our value is based on the treasure he placed inside us. May we never take that for granted. And though we may feel as though we are in hell with no water, may we never give up for our Creator conquered death, hell and the grave on the cross at Calvary.

Walking through hell and no water will be difficult. That place is hot and not even a drink to cool us down, but may we keep walking nonetheless. May we remain resilient. When the judgements come, may we lift our eyes to the hills from whence cometh our help. For surely as Mary’s head was lifted so will ours.

Kindly remember, you are special. You are unique. Problems will come and some may even knock you over, but get up, brush off and keep going. With tears in your eyes keep going. Shoes getting worn, keep going. Why? because troubles can’t last forever. One day, sooner than later, you’re going to realize that though you haven’t gotten to your destination, you are miles away from where you started. And it would make no sense to turn back, so keep going.

Let us keep going despite the turmoil we are facing and change our narrative…

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